A Destination

Think about your favorite places to go, for entertainment, food, pleasure and outright fun.  What do these special destinations have in common? The answer is simple-they lift your spirits and put you in a better place. Since 1997 Dave’s Cosmic Subs has been rockin The Great Midwest-from its birthplace in Chagrin Falls to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and beyond.

Most people agree that these “Cosmic Subs” are light years away from ordinary.  The crunchy soft breads, the finest of ingredients, specialty sauces that have you trippin back to the 60’s- the music, peace, personal expression and love.  

Dave’s Famous Sandwich Board

Like the universe, these subs weren’t created overnight. Dave and his father often competed who could make the best sub sandwich.  Now, in his own stores, Dave has added salads, desserts and sides. Try his specialty drinks, sauces and cosmic pickles.

“I’ll meet you at Cosmic Dave’s”

With the best parking in Seal Beach, it’s easy to meet and greet your friends, dine on our patio, pick up lunch for the big game, business luncheon or take it to the beach.

Rock and Roll Heaven

Most Dave’s are famous for their Rock and Roll Heaven. Gazing up you’ll see the likes of Jimmy, Janice, Keith and others.  Rock stars whose lives were cut short and whose music rocks to this very day.