Wondering What to order?

You want a real Italian Sub? Order the number one-The Original. Like many of the subs you’ll enjoy, its flavor is generated by Dave’s Cosmic Sauce.

You want to experience out of this world flavors?
Try the number 20 and 25 that features chicken or turkey with Dave’s Famous Bleu Cheese Dressing.

Do you want to test the limits of your taste buds?
Try the number 19.  The Hey Dave is an awesome roast beef sub that is served hot and smothered in Dave’s incredible Horseradish Sauce. Travel the country with Dave’s San Fran, Haight Ashbury, and The Big Easy Muffuletta

Vegetarians can feel right at home with 3 tasty subs. 
Try the number 12, Dave’s Veg-out.  This sub is loaded with favors that include mushroom, artichoke hearts and banana peppers.  Order a salad like The Arugula, Kale and Quinoa or The Provolone.  Notice that we offer a small side salad and coleslaw in addition to traditional chips to enjoy with you sandwich.